DCTF Mailbag
DCTF Mailbag
2014-06-13 00:00:00

By Greg Tepper and EJ Holland // TexasFootball.com

Every other Friday, the Dave Campbell’s Texas Football staff will answer some of your questions from Facebook and Twitter, so if you’ve got a question, be sure to ask it through our social networking channels!

Now, let’s dive into your questions!

Any chance we see Texas Tech on the cover of DCTF anytime soon? — @Finraider5 via Twitter 

Greg Tepper: Well, we’re not in the business of promising anyone the cover — that’s the most prestigious thing we can give, and it’s something earned, not given. But the signs of a Texas Tech renaissance appear to be in place. We’ve heard from so many people (recruits, players, coaches, etc.) that Tech is a rising star not just in the Lone Star State, but nationally. The recruiting has taken a step forward since Kliff Kingsbury took over, but we’re still waiting on the on-field results to take hold. Will it happen? We’re not sure. One thing we do know: 2014 will be very telling as to the direction of the Tech program, and thus their chances of landing on the cover soon. 

How do you see Charlie Strong’s first season at Texas going?— @dommydigital1via Twitter

Greg Tepper: That’s the $64,000 question, isn’t it? The official stance of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football on the Texas Longhorns is “wait and see.” But as much as we could talk about the offensive line situation (sketchy) or the quarterback situation (interesting) or the defense (potentially terrific), it’s worth remembering that this Texas team almost won the Big 12 last year. For all the hand-wringing from the Longhorns faithful, this is a team that was a win away from a BCS bowl berth. So even with a coaching change — and Charlie Strong’s a heck of a coach — this is a program that still has plenty of talent. For now, between 8 and 9 wins seems reasonable, but it wouldn’t surprise us if they overachieved that.

Will Allen 3-peat? — Brett Ming via Facebook

EJ Holland: I think Allen is definitely the overwhelming favorite to win the 6A Division I state title. There are some teams like DeSoto and Euless Trinity that will obviously challenge. But Allen is just well oiled machine with an explosive offense led by perhaps the most electrifying player in the state in Kyler Murray. Just look at his stats: last season, the Texas A&M pledge passed for 3,669 yards, rushed for 1,274 yards and scored 65 touchdowns. That’s right, 65 touchdowns! But beyond Murray, Allen has a solid offensive line anchored by junior stud Greg Little, Oklahoma commit Bobby Evans and stout senior Cody Wheeler. It all starts in the trenches, and Allen has an advantage there. Also, keep an eye on wide receiver Jalen Guyton, who is committed to Notre Dame. Allen does have a weakness, however, and that’s inexperience on defense. The Eagles return just one starter on that side of the ball, so growing up quickly is imperative. 

How can colleges offer scholarships to kids before they’re even in high school? I thought it was a violation of the rules. — Kelly Turney via Facebook

EJ Holland: Nope, it’s not illegal. As the fictional character Ricky Bobby says, “if you’re not first, you’re last.” In this day and age, it’s all about who establishes relationships the earliest. Take LSU for example, Les Miles and Tigers offered phenom Dylan Moses when he was an eighth grader. Now, Moses, a rising sophomore and one of the most sought-after 2017 recruits, is committed to LSU. In my opinion, I don’t see any harm in offering eighth graders if you think they’re going to be world beaters like Moses is primed to be. It’s not hurting anybody, and recruiting is already a circus as it is. Again, the schools that are establishing the relationships the earliest are the ones that are coming out on top. I was talking to a scout the other day, and he even said colleges aren’t even asking for info on 2015 players anymore— they want to know about the 2017 kids. By the way, LSU landed eighth grade Somerset quarterback Zadock Dinkelmann earlier this spring. 

How will the Electra Tigers fair this year? —Danny Johnson via Facebook

EJ Holland: Well, I don’t want to give too much away since you can find our Electra capsule and 7-2A predictions in our 2014 magazine, which hits shelves June 20. But Electra will be young this year, and there is concern about the team’s depth— Electra brings back just three starters on both sides of the ball. Running backs Payton Robertson and Zairy Hargrove are nice pieces on offense, but this team has a lot of growing up to do. Make sure to pick up the magazine to get all of our thoughts on the Tigers and every other high school in Texas! 

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